Foundation Operating Principles

Continuous growth only occurs with a strong foundation

Our Purpose

Our PurposeThe proper operation of the equipment used to dose and control the chemicals for specialty water treatment programs is essential to achieving the results those chemicals are designed to provide. Protecting our customer’s investment in these treatment programs and the surrounding assets is our only business day in and day out.

Investment Protection

Investment ProtectionWe believe that true protection of the investments in specialty chemical applications must go beyond the supply of equipment. It must include a comprehensive bundle of talented resources which can be mobilized quickly to address any need related to the business of maintaining results, performance, and the capture of commercial opportunities.

Focus & Knowledge

focus & knowledgeThe winning company structure needs to be focused on a narrow niche of needs expressed by market influencers in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage. We believe that knowledge represents the most important value-creating asset we possess. We seek partnerships with clients who share our vision of value and recognize the synergy achieved by leveraging assets. Distinctive capabilities are the basis of our competitive advantage.

Partnering Approach

partnershipWe work with our clients to build sustainable, high-trust relationships that facilitate a collaborative approach to developing equipment and service solutions to meet specific challenges of performance and profitability. Our overarching goal is to create commercial opportunities for our partners.


confidentialWorking with our clients demands a respect for complete confidentiality. It is the cornerstone of our commitment to you. We operate with the understanding that even one breach of the trust placed in us can destroy our company.

Strictly Enforced EquipSolutions Policies

  • Signed Legal Agreements
  • Eyes Only Policy
  • Limited Access to Clients Proprietary Designs
  • Technological & Commercial Restrictions
  • Business System Security / Vital Documentation
  • No Assumptions Regarding Public Knowledge