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Asset Management

Water Treatment involves a tremendous amount of equipment. Whether administering, controlling or monitoring a program’s results, the number of pumps, controls, storage tanks, valves, gauges, fittings, sensors and more can be overwhelming. And when this equipment is spread across the country, in various stages of use, condition, etc. managing these assets can be even more difficult.

Water Treatment services & benefits available include:

▫️ Detailed Audit of Inventory
▫️ Centralized Equipment Storage
▫️ Repair and Refurbishment
▫️ Web Based Inventory Tracking

▫️ Rapid Equipment Deployment
▫️ Reduce Costs
▫️ Eliminates Waste
▫️ Protects Investments

Gain Order & Control of Your Assets

Through our Asset Management Program (AMP), we can reclaim your equipment that is unused (temporarily or permanently), auditing them and valuing them piece by piece. We then collect, refurbish and warehouse them, saving you valuable time and money required to repurchase new assets.

This equipment can include dosing pumps, controllers, PLCs, conditioning vessels, storage tanks, mixers, level controls, sensors, data loggers, feed verification devices, a host of gauges, specialty valves, fittings, and complete chemical feed systems. In addition, specialized performance monitoring and inspection tools are used to evaluate results.

Your Assets – Viewable Online 24/7

We offer our clients secure viewing of their assets via our AMP website. Online asset access allows our clients to instantaneously view existing inventories, procure equipment, assist with maintenance decision-making and eliminates long lead times.

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