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Get the equipment help you need when you need it. If it exists, we can find it, buy it and get it to you without any hassle. It's that simple.

Service above and beyond the call

We’ve all been there before, you’re working on a project and realize that you’re missing a key component or spare part, it’s late in the day, and you’re in a bind.
That’s a scenario all too familiar for the customer support team at EquipSolutions.  Taking care of our customers is our mission, our passion, and we take it seriously.
We love to make diving catches!

Our Commitment

Whether you’re in an office environment or working in the field, it can be a sinking feeling. You might need a test kit, a very specific component or part, a particular tool, a tank, repair kit or whatever. Regardless of what it is, it’s critical, and you need help now.

Today’s realities can impede the ability to quickly acquire and deploy certain accessories and related equipment needed to successfully administer a comprehensive water treatment program.

Vendor consolidation efforts, related policy limitations, SAP requirements, limited accessibly to “non-approved”vendors and the research regarding items outside business as usual makes it tough to procure and deploy the items quickly, without hassle and at a reasonable price.

Our Concierge Service eliminates the hassle for field people, sourcing, and end users by focusing on getting the goods to where they are needed, faster and more efficiently than anyone else can do it.

Examples of these types of items might be specialized tools, fittings, meters, test equipment, generators, even ladders and small electrical parts.

In many cases, our clients know exactly what they need and even have a quotation from a manufacturer. That’s a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the Concierge Service.

We use the quoted price for our PO and add a small convenience fee to facilitate the transaction. These items are typically purchased and shipped same or next day.

Often  these items are urgently needed. Our resourceful team can quickly source and procure whatever it is that you need to get your project or assignment back on track or completed. We accept all major credit cards to make the whole process very painless.

Concierge Service in Action

A field serviceman for a large water treatment company called his EquipSolutions contact via cell phone at 10PM on a Friday night, in crisis, needing a booster pump.  His EquipSolutions Customer Care contact drove to the warehouse, found the item, and forklifted the pump onto the customer’s pick-up truck at midnight.  Our customer drove to the plant had his customer back up and running by 10am Saturday morning.

It’s after our 3PM cut off for same day shipping, and it’s even after the UPS or FedEx driver has already picked up the shipments for the day.  Members of our Customer Support team have driven to UPS, FedEx or even Chicago O’Hare to get the shipment out that day.

In the middle of an installation, a customer needed a special flow meter. She took a picture of the failed flow meter and sent it along with the model number on the unit. The EquipSolutions’ customer support team sourced the item, bought it and had it delivered overnight.

In another instance a customer needed a repair kit for a “vintage” pump. Our team tracked down a supplier and got the necessary parts in route to keep the operation running smoothly.

EquipSolutions is committed to helping our customers in all aspects of chemical feed and control. Our Engineers, fabricators, project managers, procurement professionals, and customer support team are dedicated to your success.

Give us a chance to earn your loyalty.

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