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Whether custom fabricated to-order or a project using third party pumps and products EquipSolutions is your cradle-to-grave systems and parts provider.

Designed To Your Specifications

Unique Chemical Feed Systems from Start to Finish

Our commitment to our clients includes the ability to grow with them, handling every aspect of their water treatment parts and systems. From installation to maintenance, storage and inventory management, product disposal and replacement, our clients are covered from beginning to end.

Our combination of decades of hands-on industry experience with specialty water treatment chemical programs — plus our engineering proficiency — helps us provide a unique perspective. We meet any challenge thrown our way by selecting reliable, cost effective chemical feed equipment configurations from pumps to valves to skids. We’ll work with technical and budgetary requirements to meet a wide variety of needs.

With a focus on finding the right fit for each application challenge, we source standard equipment and the components for integrated water treatment systems from a strategic base of certified industry leading suppliers. This assures our clients a non-biased offering with an optimized cost structure and the use of reliable, high performance technologies and services. This approach also lessens our client’s exposure to limited supply options.

System Examples

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How We Manage Custom Chemical Feed Projects

Our goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations every step of the way by attentively managing project milestones. Every last detail is captured by our team.

When we advance the process to the recommendation phase, we provide highly detailed and technically descriptive proposals. These P&ID based proposals include operational narratives defining functional requirements.

Once the project proposal is approved for your chemical feed system, we provide complete project management throughout the process. Early on we establish well defined progress milestones for each critical stage. Throughout the progression of the job, we work diligently to assure performance and timeliness. The Milestones listed are set up during our kickoff meetings and regular updates are provided to our clients during the entirety of the project.

Project Milestones

▫️ Approval Drawings
▫️ Technical Submittals
▫️ Procurement of Components
▫️ Material Staging
▫️ Fabrication & Integration

▫️ Quality Assurance Testing
▫️ Final Documentation
▫️ Packaging & Delivery
▫️ Installation & Start Up
▫️ Contract Maintenance

Our Custom Engineered Systems Include:

Application Engineering

Quality Assurance

▫️ Performance-based Equipment Selection
▫️ P&ID-based and Fixed Price Proposals
▫️ Budgetary Estimates

▫️ Material Traceability
▫️ Material and Calibration Certifications
▫️ Test Result Documentation


Project Management

▫️ Electrical Panel Construction
▫️ System Fabrication (Pipe, Metallurgy, Plastics)
▫️ Pipe Welding (Metallurgy, Plastics)

▫️ ERP-based Scheduling and Procurement
▫️ Client Inspection and Job Site Coordination
▫️ Progress & Web-based Status Reporting
▫️ PLC/DCS Troubleshooting


CAD Services

▫️ Design: Structural Skids, Piping & Tanks
▫️ Design: Control Panel, Electrical & Interface
▫️ Web Enablement
▫️ Materials Handling & Fluid Metering Systems
▫️ PLC Programming
▫️ Field Troubleshooting
▫️ P.E. Stamping/Seismic

▫️ 3D Parametric Modeling
▫️ General Arrangement Drawings
▫️ AutoCAD Conversion
▫️ Process & Instrumentation Diagrams
▫️ Electrical Schematics
▫️ O&M Manual Production
▫️ Functional Diagrams

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