EquipSolutions Introduces OverSite™ – The New Standard for Process Data Management

Knowing what’s going on in real-time in your plant, or in your accounts is critical to your business.  As we’ve streamlined our lives and business practices, operational efficiency has become a basic necessity.

OverSite™ is represents a significant investment and and evolution for EquipSolutions.  OverSite™ is a device-agnostic, cloud-based data acquisition and process management portal.  Users can log on to the highly secure website from anywhere in the world to view, store, input and manipulate all of their process data and critical parameters.

A water treatment company can use OverSite™ to provide clients with real-time analytics to prove that treatment programs are performing as desired.  It allows users to perform remote troubleshooting and diagnostics.  Gives end users the ability to network applications at one site or network multiple sites within their organization.  Most significantly, OverSite™ is not tied to  a specific brand of controller, or a specific chemical supplier.  It is a standalone product that is available without many of the strings attached to other market offerings.


Here are a few of the key specifics:

OverSite™ is Cloud-Based
Customer’s data can be entered both manually and automatically into the Google Cloud Platform, which is owned and managed by EquipSolutions on behalf of our clients.  The Cloud provides a future-proof infrastructure.  It’s a secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving platform.  The Cloud provides seriously powerful data and analytics, enabling you to tap into big data to find answers faster and streamline your operation.

OverSite™ is Device-Agnostic
OverSite™ is compatible with any device that includes an Ethernet port.  It’s not restricted to any specific brand of analyzer, controller or equipment, service, or chemical provider.  That’s huge in safeguarding the future of your operation.

OverSite™ is Secure
OverSite™ provides secure, instant access to process data and it brings the ability to adjust critical parameters with the touch of a button.  OverSite™ features Secure Data Transfer services through M2M gateways and all deployed IIoT devices.


Here’s a quick introduction to OverSite™ features and benefits

The OverSite™ Introduction


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