Chemical Feed System Audit Offer

Protecting and maximizing the return of our customer’s investment in treatment equipment and the programs they are designed to administer is our only business.

Learn about our exclusive Chemical Feed System Audit of your facility

The proper operation of the equipment used to manage the chemical components of water treatment programs is essential to achieving the critical results these programs are intended to provide.

Unfortunately, focus on other aspects of plant operation sometimes fails to give the proper attention to this equipment and integrated systems until a problem arises.  When an issue arises, it’s a fire drill to get things fixed or replaced quickly to protect the process efficiencies, process productivity and quality objectives. To make matter worse, in many cases, the documentation for this equipment is unable to be located, making the situation worse.

A proactive approach to monitoring the condition and current performance of existing equipment and having the proper documentation can prevent failures and lower operation costs.

Our in-plant audit program provides a comprehensive, non-biased   accounting of all the equipment used to feed, control, monitor and report all aspects of the treatment programs.

We provide a confidential, detailed report identifying all the equipment by location, tag numbers, and application description. Each item report will include manufacturer model and part numbers, serial numbers and name plate design criteria.

Every piece of equipment and the systems they are part of are photographed and cataloged into a detailed 360 photographic album.

After the report is submitted, we can provide specific recommendations based on our findings if requested, if not, we would appreciate being considered as a source of supply for the equipment needs of your facility.

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