EquipSolutions’ OverSite™ is a device agnostic, cloud-based data acquisition and process management portal.  Users can log on to the highly secure website from anywhere in the world, to view, store and manipulate off of their process data and critical parameters.

Cloud Based

Customer data can be entered both manually and automatically into the Google Cloud Platform, which is owned and managed by EquipSolutions on behalf of our Clients.

Device Agnostic

OverSite™ is compatible with any device that includes an Ethernet port.  It is not restricted to any specific brand of analyzer, controller or equipment service, or chemical provider.


End users can log onto to OverSite™ from anywhere in the plant, or anywhere in the world, using a laptop or handheld device.


OverSite™ provides secure, instant access to process data and it brings the ability to adjust critical parameters with the touch of a button.

Fully Customizable

OverSite™ works the way you do.  Its analytical capabilities are customized to your unique requirements.  All reports, graphs & charts are tailored to your preferences, and notification or alerts can be sent to any device via text, email or IM.

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Knowing what’s going on in real time is critical

Being able to make process adjustments remotely

can be equally important

Plant Operators‘ effectiveness can be significantly improved by access to real time, trending, and historical data.

Water Treatment Companies typically serve multiple customers in dozens of plants.  Managing their portfolios and prioritizing daily & weekly site visits was once a time and energy-intensive task.

But now – the monitoring and management activities associated with chemical dosing and water treatment have become significantly easier for plant operators and water treatment specialists – thanks to OverSite™.

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