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EquipSolutions offers PLC Programmable Logic Controller consulting, design, and installation for industrial water treatment applications.

Superior control, customization and complete flexibility

The PLC Approach

PLCs are used in various industrial applications such as primary metals, automobile, chemical industries and the energy sector. The use of PLCs dramatically increases based on the development of the various technologies where they are applied.

Custom software is the best product to ensure functionality and ease of use for your exact application needs. However, custom software development is not always tied to traditional desktop software applications. Modern industry relies on computers to handle everything from automation to networking.

Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to find viable control system solutions off the shelf. While modern industry has many unique needs, it puts a great deal of stress on the control system itself. A regular desktop computer cannot fulfill all these needs. Fortunately, there are PLCs. A PLC is a control system that utilizes use-made commands to control input and output from various devices. It’s a great tool for applications due to its flexibility. Since user commands control how the system directs output devices, this system can work in just about any kind of application.

PLCs offer several key advantages for industries relating to the water management and water treatment sector. They are a more compact computing solution, compared to large installations of relays and timers, which makes it easier to troubleshoot and track down errors. A PLC executes it’s logic or program in a deterministic manner, meaning, it will consistently produce the same output every time it executes the code, similar to mathematics, etc. This is why PLCs are chosen and can be trusted to control critical and precise operations. The other key advantage of PLCs is the almost unlimited input/output capabilities.

A PLC is a digital computer that can be programmed to control manufacturing processes, robotic devices, assembly lines, water treatment and numerous other applications that require process fault diagnosis.

PLCs have been implemented worldwide as highly reliable automation controllers that are suitable for rugged environments. These were first developed to replace hard-wired relays, timers and sequences.

The design and implementation of custom automation projects has become a significant component of our business. At EquipSolutions, we consider ourselves to be PLC experts.

EquipSolutions PLC Success Story

A Southeastern US poultry processor was experiencing a loss in production, downtime and frequent USDA violations due to upsets in their microbial control program.

EquipSolutions installed a PLC control system and custom algorithms to dramatically improve performance and provide control of their system, not only fixing problems but also gaining the client more business as a result.

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“Introducing a PLC-based control system and a custom algorithm for this poultry processor’s flow-based chemical feed and monitoring system saved product, system downtime, and significantly reduced USDA violations.”
– Anthony Glitto

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