Head Start Assembly

33 GPD / 37.85 LPH MAX
300 PSI / 21 BAR – PVC 150 PSI / 10 BAR

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Pulsafeeder’s special Head Start Assembly (HSA) is designed specifically for the electronic PULSAtron metering pumps at low flows, outputs of 24 GPD (3.8 LPH) and less. With an improved double check in the suction and discharge valves and a reduced hold-up volume pump head design, priming and suction lift performance is greatly enhanced. Without priming assistance and with a dry liquid end, the HSA is capable of a four foot suction lift with a reduced priming time. The Head Start Assembly is an available option on PULSAtron series pumps with designation is made by the letter “J” in the tenth position of the model number and comes in glass filled polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and polyvinylidene fluoride construction. Valve seat material is PFA and comes in a double seat configuration with either ceramic or 316SS check balls.

  • Enhanced priming
  • Enhanced suction lift
  • Field replaceable conversion kits are available

General Specifications

Pump Head Materials: GFPPL
Seat O-Rings Available: Valve Seats: Double PFA, Orings: PTFE
Balls Available: Ceramic, 316 SS


Water Meters

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