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Chemical Feed Systems

EZDose Duplex Feed System

EZDose Simplex Feed System

TEMPEST Liquid Polymer Feed System

EZBlend Polymer Feed System

Metpak Metering System

Single Pump Panel

Custom Engineered Systems

Poly EZ-Series / Polymer Feed

High Volume Feed System

Dry Polymer Feed System

Duplex Pump Skid

Monitoring Systems

Cooling Water Monitoring Panel

Cooling Water Monitoring System

Corrosion Test Rack


Autoflush – sensor cleaning system

Prophet Remote Tank Monitor

Switcheroo – Automatic Pump Switchover

Wireless Remote Alarm System

Booster Pump System

Flowline Instruments

Assmann Bulk Storage Tanks

PolyProcessing Storage Tanks


Cooling Tower Cleaning Services

Special Project and Trial Services

Specialized Services

Flagship Distribution Lines

Liquid Metronics Incorporated (LMI) – Utilizing superior designs and industry experience, LMI offers Water Treatment Professionals the quality and reliability they’ve come to expect.

Walchem (Iwaki America Inc.) – Integrating advanced sensing, instrumentation, fluid pumping and communications technologies to deliver reliable and innovative solutions to the global water treatment market.

Agencies and Associations

Calculations and Tables

Electrical Safety Association Links

CEMS/Air Links

USEPA Emissions Measurement Center – Contains promulgated test methods and CEMS performance specifications, as well as information and guidance on test methods and CEMS.

EPA’s Clean Air Markets – Includes market-based regulatory programs designed to improve air quality. Contents include the Acid Rain Program, OTC Budget Trading Program, and proposed Clear Skies legislation. – A National directory of source emissions testing firms, equipment, etc.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Downloadable CFR Titles – Site where you can download updated CFR sections and titles

EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation Policy and Guidance – Provides access to rules, policies, and guidance produced by USEPA Office of Air and Radiation. Also contains recent rule changes as well as proposed changes and updates to regulations.

Tropical Storm Prediction Center/National Hurricane Center – Up to date information regarding tropical storms and hurricanes.

Air & Waste Management Association – The Air & Waste Management Association (A & WMA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan professional organization that provides training, information, and networking opportunities to more than 9000 environmental professionals in 65 countries. The Association’s goals are to strengthen the environmental profession, expand scientific and technological responses to environmental concerns, and assist professionals in critical environmental decision making to benefit society.

Chemical Metering Pump Feed Rate Calculations

GPH =GPM x .006 x PPM
% Conc. X S.G.
LPH =M³/h x mg/l x 0.1
% Conc. X S.G.
m³/hGPM = Flow to be treated
0.1 .006 = Constant
mg/l PPM = Dosage required
% Conc.% Conc. = Concentration of chemical in pumped solution- Use full number (15% solution is [15] in formula not (.15))
S.G.S.G. = Specific gravity at pumped solution
Useful Equivalents 
GPM x 1440 = GPDGPD x 6.944 x 10⁴ = GPM
liter x 1.0 x 10³ = cm³Gal. (H²O) x 8.337 = pound (H²O)
GPM x 227.1 = l/hl/h x 4.403 x 10³ – GPM
l/m x 5.886 x 10⁴ = ft³/sec.GPM x 2.228 x 10³ = ft³/sec.
Gal. x 3.785 = literliter x 2.642 x 10¹ = Gal
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