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Standards allow for reduced costs, simplified selling, and in return, rapid deployment

The Three Levels of Automation

Automation represents a spectrum of solutions for your facility. To help categorize your efforts in this area we’ve identified three “Levels of Automation” below. EquipSolutions is uniquely qualified to assist you in each of these three levels. Our in-house staff of engineers are available to walk you through the options and help you design and implement the ideal solution for your application.

Level 1 – Walchem 600 / 900

These controllers are ideal for:
  • Standard boiler applications
  • Standard cooling water applications
  • Remote communication & reporting
  • Flexible but fixed inputs/outputs

Level 2 – CRIUS NA Control System

The next step up in control and functionality:
  • Expandable inputs / outputs
  • A broad selection of specialty sensors
  • Paired amperometric sensors and flowcell
  • Autoflush assembly for harsh environments
  • Advanced communications protocols

Level 3 – Programmable Logic Control System

For the ultimate in flexibility and capabilities a dedicated PLC system is the answer. Capabilities in this area include:
  • Custom control algorithms
  • Utilize any sensor / control technology
  • Virtually unlimited inputs / outputs

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