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The EquipSolutions Signature Products are the product of our research and design engineering. We manufacture, test and service these products on an exclusive basis. This enables us to rapidly deploy provide proven, winning technologies at a highly competitive cost.

Creative Innovations

TEMPEST 2.0 Liquid Polymer Feed System

Tempest 2.0 is an updated design of the polymer feed system that has proven to be an economical solution to the numerous challenges encountered in a broad range of industrial and municipal applications. Our customers have experienced real measurable benefits from our original design features. Many of our customers responded to our request for their opinions and suggestions for future Tempest versions. We incorporated their feedback in the Basis of Design for the Tempest 2.0.
This new design integrates leading edge control technologies, expanded application capabilities, greater available I/O and seamless access to any cloud-based data acquisition system.


Tempest 2.0, New Polymer Feed System

OverSite™ Zero-Touch Technology

EquipSolutions’ OverSite™ is a device agnostic, cloud-based data acquisition and process management portal. Users can log on to the highly secure website from anywhere in the world, to view, store and manipulate off of their process data and critical parameters.

OverSite™ Main Features:

1. Connect to multiple end point devices
2. Direct communication to end point device with remote access
3. Automatic report generation and delivery
4. Advanced service report capability
5. Real-time notifications and alarms delivered by text, email and IM
6. Continuous secure web-based data management and reporting
7. Real-time access and control of your critical process data

If you’re a Plant Operator, the OverSite™ dashboard gives you full visibility into chemical feed applications and a high level of awareness for the health of your entire operation. If you ever change chemical suppliers or equipment providers – No need to worry – as OverSite™ keeps track of all your process and supplier data.

If you’re a Water Treater – don’t work another day without this account management tool. OverSite™ will transform how you plan and prioritize your day – It lets you manage multiple sites from one location, and it brings a new level of productivity to your service calls, maintenance & benchtop tests

OverSite™ Brochure

EquipConnect 2.0

The all new EquipConnect 2.0 is a state-of-the-art Internet gateway optimized for secure M2M Industrial Internet of Things applications, facilitating data acquisition management, remote monitoring and control of all field endpoint devices. Our Zero-Touch Technology provides secure, intelligent and global connectivity period.

• Full Remote Communications 24/7
• Device Agnostic (Compatible with all controllers)
• Superior security provided by an advanced firewall
• Zero-Touch Technology ensures true plug & play installation and setup
• Pre-activated, pre-programmed carrier agnostic SIM card included
• NEMA 4X Enclosure: 10.5”X 8.5”X 6.25”
• No Proprietary software required

EquipConnect 2.0 Brochure

TEMPEST 1.0 Liquid Polymer Feed System

Achieve optimized polymer usage and performance with our simple, yet powerful liquid polymer feed and control station

25 Years in the Making

We have taken 25 years of Polymer Activation knowledge gained across hundreds of industrial and municipality-based projects to bring you The Tempest 1.0, a powerful multi-stage mixing and monitoring system solution.

The system design provides the right type of mixing energy at the critical moment of initial wetting and tapers that energy through a multi-stage regime of hydrating zones. The net result is a fully hydrated polymer solution with maximum charge site exposure which assures optimized polymer usage and performance. This design gives you optimum performance by eliminating unwanted agglomerations, plugging and the costly mess of dealing with these issues.

Flexible. Formidable.

Many Polymer feed and control stations are complicated and prone to frequent plugging and agglomerations. The Tempest’s system is simple, yet highly intelligent, with the ability to provide just the right mixing energy—manually or automatically—at just the right times through the hydration process. Also, like many of our solutions, The Tempest has flexible controls and its pump configurations can be adapted to fit other uses.

Less Waste. Lower Polymer Consumption

With our full understanding of polymer activation mechanics and The Tempest’s features are created to leverage those principles, agglomerations are prevented and fewer polymer chains are destroyed. This means less waste as fewer costly polymers are used from optimum performance.

Tempest Datasheet

The Power of Data

Throughout the dilution process, water flow rate data is measured and fed back to the Tempest’s primary controller. It calculates, then adjusts the polymer pump for an ideal dilution rate. When problems like water flow loss, high/low concentrations, etc. arise, an alarm sounds and remedial measures can be made on the spot.

Tempest Proficiencies

▫️ Motorless, Multi-Stage Mixing
▫️ Hydro-Kinetic Disperser
▫️ EZ View Mixing Chamber
▫️ Choice of Pump Type
▫️ Choice of Pump Manufacturer
▫️ Touch Pad Microprocessor
▫️ Polymer Paced to Water Flow

▫️ Local and Remote Operation
▫️ Water Flow Readout
▫️ Concentration Set-Point
▫️ Remote 4-20 mA Control
▫️ Feed Rate Calibration
▫️ Adjustable Flushing Cycle
▫️ On-Board Post Dilution

EZDose Integrated Chemical Metering System

Experience the simplicity of a chemical feed system delivering flexibility, reliability and ultra-fast implementation

Try our OnLine Configurator

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A Plug N’ Play Solution

We understand that downtime is the bane of every manufacturing process. The EZDose platform was created to solve these situations, offering a highly flexible, pre-plumbed system allowing pumps to be added on-site or pre-installed and tested prior to delivery. This approach speeds up the install process without compromising the reliability of the system or its ability to operate in a wide range of water treatment applications.

Select Your Pump

We can configure your platform to whatever electronic solenoid pump that you’d like.

The EZDOSE system offers pre-packaged duplex chemical dosing that is:

▫️ Duty/Standby Duplex Configured
▫️ Ready to Install: It’s Plug N’ Play
▫️ Expandable & Ready to Grow
▫️ Flexible with Its Control Options
▫️ Versatile in its Output Ranged (1-20 GPH)
▫️ Pre-packaged & Pre-tested
▫️ Hassle-Free & Low Maintenance
▫️ Quickly Delivered
▫️ Compatible with Any Metering Pump Brand
▫️ Versatile in Material (SS, PVC, CPVC, & PVDF)

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