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We deliver on all of your equipment needs

Our Spectrum of Supply Matches Customer Needs

These needs range from the prompt delivery of simple equipment like parts, pumps, controllers and accessories to the supply of rapidly deployable standard systems and the resources to custom engineer and fabricate a solution for more complex applications.

The above must be supported with resources required to provide a broad range of field services in a timely and professional manner.

Spectrum of Supply

  • Parts & Accessories
  • Pumps & Controllers
  • Standard Systems
  • Custom Engineered Systems

Field Services
  • Repair
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Start Ups & Training
  • Audits & Emergency Services

Specialized Services
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning
  • Equipment Pool Management
  • Trial & Project Staffing
  • Project Management

The EquipSolutions Advantage

Our expertise in the knowledge and development of standard equipment modules enables our customers to select design standards that fit common applications. This approach lowers costs, optimizes system knowledge and speeds deployment of equipment required to manage treatment programs. Our multifaceted team can help develop a line of proprietary standards exclusively for your company. This can shorten the path to market for critical designs which offer significant commercial advantages.

Summary of what we can offer

▫️ Specialized knowledge and experience
▫️ Proven track record of our collaborative, partnering approach
▫️ Dedicated focus on all your needs, all the time
▫️ Unique bundle of synergistic capabilities
▫️ Optimized performance and costs
▫️ Protection of our clients’ long term commercial interests
▫️ A broad spectrum of water treatment products
▫️ An exclusive continuum of cradle to grave support

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888-200-1800 – Corporate Headquarters

855-890-5650 – Metering Pump Hotline