LMI Introduces A New Multifunction Valve

LMI has just released a new Multifunction Valve (MFV). The MFV will be available for purchase on October 1st. This integrated design mounts directly on the liquid end of the pump as a cost effective solution to address common challenges in chemical meeting applications. It provides critical functionality to add performance, safety, and convenience to a metering pumps system.

New Multifunction Valve from LMI

LMI Multifunction Valve

Beginning in October, the MFV will be available as a standalone accessory kit or as a retrofit kit. The accessory kit includes the MFV and tubing to install on any ½” NPT discharge fitting. The retrofit kit includes the MFV, tubing, and the additional fittings and o-rings required to upgrade a previous generation 3-Function or 4-Function valve on your LMI pump.


Below are links to several product information and support documents.


LMI Multifunction Valve Product Card

LMI Multifunction Valve Product News

LMI Multifunction Valve Quick Start Guide

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