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Specialized Services

Special or unforeseen factors can strongly impact the performance of a water treatment program. To combat these situations, we have developed a host of special services and a specialized Service Resource Team to handle these out-of-scope events.

Specialized Services available include:

▫️ Cooling Tower Cleaning
▫️ Asset Management Programs
▫️ Trial & Project Staffing
▫️ Legionella Monitoring
▫️ Softener Service
▫️ Media Changeover

▫️ Sludge Removal
▫️ RO Membrane Cleaning/Replacement
▫️ Web-based Monitoring
▫️ Equipment Integration Controls
▫️ Heat Tracing & Installation
▫️ Sample Collection

CEMS / Air Quality Control

Since the 80’s, we have been 100% embedded in our clients’ air quality and environmental compliance efforts. We hire seasoned professionals who’ve been around the block, yet embrace new technologies. They see efficiencies and pitfalls before others do, reducing our clients downtime and the risk of being non-compliant.

We offer custom designed annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly maintenance programs to assure compliance, mitigate equipment issues, and guarantee data validity. These programs are supported by options for testing such as Linearity, Opacity, CGA’s etc. which are customer selectable based on technical and commercial considerations.

Regulatory Testing

▫️ Linearity and CGA’s
▫️ Opacity Audits
▫️ RATA Testing
▫️ Efficiency Testing
▫️ Ambient Setup of Monitors
▫️ Opacity Zero Point Calibrations
▫️ Particulate Testing

Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

▫️ Daily Data Logging & Validation
▫️ Daily Calibration QA
▫️ Dilution & Source Probe Maintenance
▫️ Sample Controller & Umbilical Maintenance
▫️ Flow & Particulate Maintenance Programs
▫️ Comprehensive Opacity Maintenance Programs
▫️ Winterization Programs

Local Focus. Better Service

The ability to respond strongly and quickly is our trademark. To support this, we focus on the Greater Midwestern market only and can handle emergency visits with 24/7 phone availability.

We recognize the need to provide rapid response to our customer’s unanticipated needs by having the capacity to mobilize available local resources with little or no notice. We offer several ways to assure rapid response in the event of a failure.

Our remote support team can handle emergency telephone calls on a 24/7 basis. In addition, our contracts specify an acceptable response time to have a trained technician familiar with the CEMS equipment make an on-site visit with short notice.

Custom Maintenance. Not Software Solutions.

Our team consults — we don’t sell hardware or software. We are techs, electricians, mechanics, laborers, pipe fitters and more whose only goal is to help your company comply with emissions limits and standards.

The careful implementation of well documented preventative and corrective maintenance programs assists our clients to achieve continuous compliance monitoring at a reasonable cost.

Each day, all day, our comprehensive on-site service provides facility managers a team of multi-disciplined experts to maintain the performance of the complex equipment associated with the monitoring of continuous emissions (CEMS).

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